Balzer Manure Tanks are part of High Tech Equipment’s approach to improving manure handling on farms. Manure handling comes in many forms, so why not look for the best tools that make messes clean?

Find Balzer liquid manure equipment, including manure tanks, pumps and drag hose equipment on our site.

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    Top-Fill Slurry Tanks

    Balzer offers Top-Fill Slurry Tanks ranging in sizes from 4,300 to 9,500 gallons. These tanks are available with a wide variety of features and options to best meet your needs.

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    Row Crop Application System

    The Row Crop Application System allows you to sidedress nutrients into standing row crop during the most optimal time of year.

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    Portable Storage Systems

    Balzer offers the 22,500 gallon Frac Tank for convenient, portable storage of liquid manure nutrients.

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    Agitation & Loading Systems

    Balzer offers a variety of products for your agitation and loading systems including but not limited to V-6 pumps, V-8 pumps, Lagoon Pumps, Lagoon Props, Veneroni Pumps and much more.

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    Direct Injection Systems

    Balzer offers a variety of options for Direct Injection Systems including Floating Spring Shank Injectors, No-Till Yetter Injectors, Heavy Duty Injectors, Hose Reels and much more..

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    The ELIMINATOR Vacuum Tank from Balzer allows tractor seat control of the 8 inch loading boom for in-field transfer from semi-trailers.

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    Vacuum Tanks

    Balzer Vacuum Tanks are available in 4,300 gallons up to 9,500 gallons and are constructed of 1/4 inch mild steel. All seams are submerged-arc welded.

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    Semi Tanker

    NEW! The all new semi tanker from Balzer works in conjunction with the ELIMINATOR boom tank, vacuum or slurry tanks and frac tanks for direct injection for a complete, system approach to manure hauling.

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    Mandals Hose

    Exclusive importer for the US of premium Mandals hose. More details coming soon.

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